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Our Story

Authentic Thai Kitchen, Serving Thai Food from Scratch

At Khamdee Thai, we are passionate about bringing the flavors of Thailand to your table. Co-owner Wanpen, born and raised in Northern Thailand is a culinary chef. She started her journey with the very popular, Street Cooking in Thailand, and then made her way to America to follow her dream. She has a strong background in starting restaurants from scratch, stretching from NYC to Long Island. Khamdee Thai is a place where her and Daniel pour their passion into the business each and every day. While Daniel builds customer relationships, Wanpen infuses every dish with authentic ingredients and techniques. From classic Pad Thai to bold curries, our menu is a celebration of Thai cuisine. Come join us and experience the taste of Thailand.


Hot, Spicy, and Oh, So Delicious

At Khamdee Thai, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible dining experience. Our menu is filled with a wide variety of dishes, from savory appetizers to spicy soups and curries. Our ingredients are always fresh and our dishes are made from scratch, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor. Come visit us or order online and taste the authentic flavors of Thailand.

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